The Journey Begins with January.

Thanks for joining me everyone!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Jet Ski in Bora Bora.

Hi everyone!

First thing’s first. Happy New Years! New Years for most starts at January 1. However for me and my family, New Years will start at February 5. We usually do a mini celebration of 설날 (seolnal).

This is the new year of 2019. A lot of people usually set their goals as their new fresh start but end up giving up by the middle of the month or early February. I think it’s because many people tend to put in big goals that are harder to achieve. I think that a lot of people treat the New Years goal as something very short termed. Not a lot of people that I know in my circle are able to finish their goals. My goals for this year is to shed some weight. I’m not really happy with the way I look so I’m going to use January as my preset month. I’m not going to look at the scale. I just want to get used to walking around more in my neighborhood as well as the school gym when I come back to live in the apartment dorms.

My other goal is to improve my language skills as well as my native tongue. I will definitely try to improve my grammatical skills as well as improving my vocabulary in Spanish because so far I can only “talk” in the present tense of Spanish. I am taking Introductions to Chinese this upcoming January at my school so let’s see how well it works out!

My other goal is still very long term. Perhaps it’s a dream… perhaps it’s not. A very funny or entertaining dream perhaps….. My dream in the long run is to celebrate. I want to bring in my closest friends as well as some international friends of mine to a cruise. I want to be on the coast of Baja California or Ensenada or Bali. I want my friends and I to laugh and toast drinks to one another on the day of Christmas Eve. We’ll have a celebratory toast and we’ll be happy. We’ll dance and laugh and maybe for the first time in our hectic lives, be relaxed. Maybe in our lives, there will be a time of peace when we will make money for ourselves to relax, have a party here and there, and be content and happy with our lives. To my closest friends out there as well as my international friends that I made such good contact with… if you guys are out there and reading this blog, I hope that you guys have a great New Years! We’ll all meet together someday and have a toast to the best future.


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins with January.

  1. Hey everyone! This is Dahee. What are your New Years goals? Are they long term or short term? Do you have a long term goal like I do? Leave a comment below!


  2. Hey Ana! Thanks for the comment! I really highly appreciate the love! Will keep everyone updated!

    Hi Dahee! It’s Ana! I love your blog! Please keep us updated on instagram when you posted something new. Keep it going!

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