Expanding my blog

Hi everyone!

This is Dahee!

Again welcome back to my blog!

One of my new goals that I’m also going to add for this blog will be that I will expand my blogs into three categories. I will have the regular blog “The Word” where I will talk about my daily life in university and outside of university and other events that I can think of. I will also make another blog based off of coffee. I will talk about my own opinions of the first, second, and third (which is now) waves of coffee as well as the different drinks, different corporations about coffee, coffee houses, and anything that I see as relevant to coffee! I’ll also talk about the differences of coffee drinks and events that I can find in my local area if any one wants to check out! My third blog will be based off of music. I have a lot of disappointments of this era’s music particularly in rap, hip hop, and to some extent some R&B. I will also talk about things that are happening in the music industry (scandals, new artists, new albums, events…) I will also have “Artists of the Week” as well as some songs that I think are important of the week. I’ll also post some links for new songs (or old songs) and I hope that people like it!

Last but not least, maybe in the future, I hope to do a podcast within two years or so. I’ll talk about topics and maybe I’ll invite some friends over to talk about different stuff going on.


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