Going and Touring Local Part 1.

Hi everyone! For this blog I’m actually going to do a mini Part 1, 2, and 3 with this. This all takes place on the same Saturday. With too much information to give out and too much pictures to give out, I’m going to start with LA’s hottest restaurant Howlin Ray’s. It’ll be followed up by with the tour of Chinatown, and lastly a two piece thought of my experience with Starbucks Reserve.

Saturday’s been an very interesting day for me. I went to new areas, restaurant, a cafe, and a new dessert house! Now before I start off with my day as per usual, whenever I have a place or agreement to go to, I am always LATE. Most people when their friends ask you to come on this certain time or hour, you best believe that they’re gonna come at least 30 minutes late. My friends and I decided to meet up at my place around 11:30 A.M. I woke up around 11:05 AM. I was internally screaming at myself for waking up so late. You see everyone, the problem is that I don’t run on normal time. I run on KST and DST (Korean Standard Time) and (Dahee Standard Time). It means that I am always going to be late. ALWAYS. Take this dialogue for an example.

*Phone rings. I wake up and see my friend’s number and I try to speak with my non groggiest voice.*

Hey Dahee! So where are you? Are you almost at my place right now?

Yeah! Don’t worry! I’m almost at your place right now. It’s just that there’s some traffic problems right now so I’ll be around 10 min late

*in reality I just woke up internally screaming as I wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and do my regimen all at the same time.

Every day of my life. Running on KST and DST.

There’s been a lot of reasons on why I’ve been late. From accidentally tripping on my own foot and lying on the ground for 15 mins, to accidentally kicking every corner of the wall leading to my toenails falling off, to sleeping in too much, or sometimes ironically, getting up two hours early but still being late to the appointment, I’ve been late to a lot of things quite easily. However, I was still able to in the most part make it out of the house not so late. The three of us decided to go to Howlin Ray’s a Nashville styled chicken house in the Far East mall in Chinatown.

Almost there to Howlin Ray’s! (Located in the Far East Mall of Chinatown)

It was definitely my first time going to Howlin Ray’s. When you enter the area, the first thing that you’ll see is a GIGANTIC line just swarming out of the tiny restaurant. My friends and I had to pass at least five different stores just so that we can get to the back of the line. We waited around for a good three hours. By the time we came to the front of the line, it was already 4:05 P.M. Luckily, my friends and I were already distracted by talking about hobbies, school, and playing a Mario game on our friend’s Nintendo Switch.

Howlin Ray’s food for the whole part is pretty good! I’m not gonna lie. The almost three hour wait, smells of different spices and chicken grease dancing above our heads, to the excitable commotion of the friendly employees and happy customers really keeps up the hype of their famous “chicken sando”. It’s dripping with different sauces from the coleslaw, mixed with delicious tart pickles, a nice fluffy textured bun to most importantly the chicken dripping with grease, tons of different smelling spicy spices, and the nice crisp juicy crunch that the fried texture has. The employees are very affable. They’re super charming and super friendly. I actually took pictures with my friends and the chicken sandwiches only to have the employees photobombing the pictures with us! (I would upload the picture but due to me wanting to protect my privacy as well as my friends privacy unfortunately not 😦 ).

Our chicken sandos!
A close up on my sandwich
Employees working in the kitchen
I ordered a chicken breast and thigh that came with pickles and sauce.
Seriously Howlin Ray’s. Shut up and take my money.

I also heard that Howlin Ray’s is looking for a suitable area in Los Angeles. They were going to open up an area in Culver City but at the end, the plan got rejected. I hope that Howlin Ray’s will continue to look up for new areas as well as keeping up with the quality and integrity of the food. I highly recommend this place to newcomers in Los Angeles as well as the locals in LA. Come check this place out! The wait will be WORTH IT. (Just make sure that you have no appointments that day).

Hey guys! If you want more information on Howlin Ray’s make sure to check out their Twitter @howlinrays. They have a time approximation to how long the lines will be. Also make sure to check out their Instagram page @howlinrays to see their delicious pictures! Also check out this video from Eater’s sampling the food! As always, make sure to give me a thumbs up or link the blog to Howlin Ray’s!

See you guys on Going and Touring Local Part 2!

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