Popping and Smooth. Check out Paul Kim!

What’s up everyone!

So I plan to do maybe a bi-weekly blog update of new artists that I found, some throwbacks from years and other decades, or just underground artists in general! I’m gonna have a lot of artists that you have heard and artists that you’ve never heard! I’ll be mainly focusing a lot on Korean and American artists. If you want to check out my songs of the week considered, please check out in the link here. If you want to hear the album of the month, please check out in the link here! If you want to hear my and my thoughts of different artists or just the music genre in general, please check it out here! And also if you want to hear my opinions of the influence of the music industry, influence and power of artists, and the different genres then please click here!

Paul Kim is an throwback to the early 2000s R&B vibes. From his smooth voice to tempo rhythm sounds, if you want a day to relax, a day to drink some lemonade with your loved one while holding hands, (etc) check him out please! The problems with R&B of this generation is that in my opinion, I feel that there’s a lack of artistic development within a lot of artists. A lot of the artists they tend to have fans but over the course of years as time can tell the artists names remain in obscurity and new artists are formed and developed with the same formula given by different record labels.

There are exceptions to the information above. However, from listening to R&B artists, I don’t feel the soul with any artist. Paul Kim does an very great job of releasing your inner mood and energy. I hope that with the years ahead of him, he’ll get more popular and popular each day.

Some of my favorites including Automatic
A song for all mothers (the original is from Boyz II Men)

Check out Paul Kim! He has a lot of social media accounts ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (etc).

Newest song “Chamisul”
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