Hi everyone!

So school started today and I can assure everyone that at least 1-2 classes are going to kick me in the butt.

I know for a fact that my intro to Chinese as well as my well recognized fear of speaking in public (Communications) is definitely going to give me a harsh mental slap. I already have my calendar and I’m preparing for study materials as well as pretending that I know how to care for myself as well as getting ready to cry for this semester as well as upcoming 4th year for Senior thesis.

During Lunar New Years, I’ll do some official updates on when I’m going to do write about “Dahee’s Daily Thoughts” as well as updates on music too. Writing about coffee or food is going to be a little difficult. I might not update as much, but when I go to a new area or just areas that I like, I’ll write up a blog post.

This week you can expect two updates to “Dahee’s Daily Blog”. I think you’ll see two topics that I really wanted to talk about. I will talk about my first topic “Luxury” and I will talk about what it means to have certain luxuries that each person enjoys and takes privilege of as well as my own experiences with privilege. I’ll also talk about my thoughts about Disneyland and why I like the park so much. Later on, I’ll also write a story blog post about Lunar New Years on how I almost got ran over each year by a bunch of Korean grandmas in the fruit aisle. Shoutout to the Korean grandma’s but y’all got absolutely no shame in running over me and other people surrounding you lol.

Last but not least, in the category, “The Word: New Artists” I will of course show you guys new artists that I’ve found but I will also do throwbacks to artists that I like. These are pretty much in my eyes legendary artists or artists who produce amazing music. No I will not be posting up stuff about Ariana Grande or other artists. I think that most of the artists of this decade can’t sing for shit so it really annoys me. You’ll find what I hope to be good quality music and great singers.

I’ll be writing about “Luxury”! See ya guys on the next post!


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