The Wackiness and the Funkadelic music of Dragon Ball Durag

The drip shouldn't always be focused on having excess money but maybe on the normal items.
The drip always comes with a flowery bird patterned silk shirt, a Gucci belt, a Dragonball short, and the ability to style oneself as closeted ghetto fabulous

First thing is first. I just want to say welcome back to anyone who is currently reading this blog. Sorry for not being online as much but school’s been beating me like a dead horse. Fortunately, school is almost over. However, I do have multiple deadlines to meet because I’m going to go through a summer internship as well as an online summer course. Needless to say, I still will be busy with school.

Now, regardless of how busy I will be, I do have some excitement built up for this blog. For the first time ever, this will be the first post on “Fresh Air Music Thoughts”. FAMT is basically and essentially my thoughts on a particular song that I have discovered. I’ll be more in detail and inept with the nuances of the song, the complexities, etc. All Song(s) of the Week Considered is more comprised of different mashes of playlists from different genres that I want to recommend and All Album(s) of the Month is the same as All Song(s) of the Week Considered. With that being said, let’s go to the wonderful and goofy world of Thundercat’s “Dragon Ball Durag“.

The absolute wonderful and weird world of Thundercat’s mating song

Thundercat’s seemingly weird but strangely normal music video

I understand that Rolling Stones, NPR Music, etc has reviewed the song. They have given a lot of positive feedback to the song and the album itself and they have immaculately described what director Zack Fox and Thundercat tried to portray in the music video. However, I feel that a more accurate description is certainly laid out on Youtube’s platform.

The internet or Youtube in general in my opinion gives a better accurate description of the music video than what other music based websites analyzes.

Two minutes deep into the video, I start to scroll down the comments and I started to laugh and share the video with friends. Some of the hilarious comments ranges from “This video deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, a high school diploma, and a restraining order” while others talk about the necessary lengths to have a girlfriend starting from“hide in a dumpster, jump out when they come close, and start to dance seductively”. However, Thundercat’s music video in few or more words is wanting love and showing people who you are while being filmed in a 2008 camera phone.

He gives you instructions that just by having the drip with you isn’t enough . You need to make it work so that you have not only the sauce but you have the seasoning. You gotta have a mixture of the seasoning and the sauce. What’s the point of being all glammed out like a pimp if you don’t got a personality? The Dragon Ball durag essentially elevates his confidence over 9000 although he got rejected by two women (one by Quinta Brunson who ran away from his mating dance and Kali Uchis threatening to call 911.)

Ladies. Get yourself a man the way Thundercat looked at that durag.
Quinta Brunson is not feeling this mating dance at all
Kali Uchis staring at Thundercat’s mating call while simultaneously thinking about calling 911 and going to court to file a restraining order
A confidence level over 9000 approved by Goku
Thundercat’s almost convincing twerk off/ mating call to the drummer of HAIM after he jumps out of the dumpster like Missy Elliott from Lizzo’s mv “Tempo”

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