The Wackiness and the Funkadelic music of Dragon Ball Durag

My thoughts and feelings about this drip he has on

Now let’s talk about the crazy drip that Thundercat has. The fact that I was even thinking about wearing his whole outfit and even finding the exact clothes is to me absolutely amazing and ridiculous. The more I watched the video, the more I was determined to find the funky drip that this man had on. How he looks homeless and rich at the same time is just crazy to me. But then again, the new

1.) Dragon ball Durag

The fact that there’s even a DRAGON BALL DURAG IS KILLING ME LMAOO

On Etsy for $41.00

I can’t believe that there’s a Dragonball Durag

2.) Gucci x Disney Silk Twill Shirt

NGL. I looked for this shirt everywhere on the Internet. I found it and I gotta say it looks like as if Charles Darwin’s paintings and Disneyland did a secret collaboration with one another along with Tommy Bahamas adding in as a feature. This shirt low key ugly and should be put in a museum.

On Lyst for $1384.03

A Gucci x Mickey silk screen shirt. Also known as “I can’t believe this shit is actually real”

3.) Fucking Dragon Ball Z shorts

Ok so I couldn’t find the Dragon Ball Z shorts. The closest that I was able to find (his shorts was the Muay Thai shorts) was this on Amazon. At least it’s sort of similar. I think in general for those shorts they have to be customization so that’s on you if you want those exact same pants.

On Amazon from Lu&lu for $12.23 – $17.99

It may not be picture perfect but we picture perfect and that’s all it matters.

3.) The Gucci Belt

Everyone fucking has this belt for some reason. The brand was once called “musty” and old is now being revived by millennials and rappers alike who now proudly wear the Gucci insignia everywhere from their stage names to the bling and drip that surrounds them. Perhaps one can never have too much drip especially the famous Gucci Belt drip. (For more information on the revival of Gucci click on this link.)

On Neiman Marcus for $700.00

I swear to God. Why does everyone have this belt LMAOOOO

4.) Chanel Earmuffs

To really complete the look all you gotta do is have a furry pair of Chanel earmuffs. I honestly believe that you can look super ghetto or super weird just by wearing a brand name ear muff. TBH it’s pretty ugly in my defense if you pair it up with that museum 1800s grade silk Hawaiian shirt from Gucci. The earmuffs in my defense look great just by itself.

It was either this earmuff or the whole color scheme was in white and the Chanel logo in black.

I would put in the shoes, the jewelry, and the glasses but at this point I think that it is fairly ridiculous. Thundercat is the fucking man to audaciously and over confidently put in all this drip by mix matching it out of chaotic energy. To try to attract girls with all the “drip” and showing some “personality” in Thundercat’s view makes it worth enough to watch his trials and laugh at his hilarious ways of combating rapper’s critique on clothes and perhaps maybe critiquing us to at least throw our shot.

P.S: I still can’t take him seriously. You guys need to watch him with Kenny Beats or with Zack Fox (the director of the video.) Look out for a new article next week on my critiques on either Loredana (Germany idk what y’all doing with your life), Zack Fox and his music videos and the reason why we need someone like him, or maybe you’ll get an article from me about food celebrating Asian/Pacific month (it is May) and no I did not know that there was a month dedicated to Asians and no I have no thoughts to even celebrate it. I have an old draft that I wrote dedicated to Chinese-American food that I wrote last year in contrast to my senior thesis. I think that I’ll be uploading that soon and I’ll have to finally make a schedule on what I want to write in each category.

Anyways, hope to be back next week!

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